Ultima Online - the shattered legacy

Releasedate: 1997

Publisher: © Origin Systems Inc.

Music by: Composed and arranged by Joe Basquez and Kirk Winterowd (credits of UO). Specific credits for older Ultima tracks.

Quality: High quality 5 OGG (nominal rate 160)

Ultima Online is something inbetween among Ultima fans. Either you love those Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplay Games or you don´t. Me, I don´t like playing Ultima Online, because I played Ultima mainly for its story and I was always looking towards the animated endgame sequence as a special reward. But I like the intro and the music of Ultima Online - the shattered legacy. Today the UO-series is in its seventh incarnation and I stopped collecting after Ultima Online - the second age.

In 1997 UO was released with a General Midi soundtrack, which can be named "Ultima - best of". Among many new tracks you´ll find various older Ultima music. Problem at the release date (and also some years later) was the soundcard standard. Modern soundcards simply load an soundfondbank (which is also delivered with UO) into the memory of their soundcard and hope to enjoy the music at its best quality. Sorry to disappoint you, but I tried the standard 512 kb and 4 MB soundfonds (delivered with UO) on my Soundblaster 1024 LIVE! and also on my Soundblaster Audigy, but it sounds terrible in comparison to my Terratec Wave System Professional 4 MByte Wavetable-ROM or even to the Roland Sound Canvas 55.

The music was played on a Roland Sound Canvas 55 in General Midi with a Creative Soundblaster Audigy as recording device. No emulation tool has been used (soundfonds)


Downloadlist for GETRIGHT.

OGGdecoder for Windows. Decoderfilelist. Simply put these two files in the directory containing the music and start the batch file to convert the ogg-files to burnable wave-files.

If you do not know where to start, try 11 - Vesper, 02 - The journey or 43 - Sailing.


Soon to follow