Origin Soundtrack Series

Releasedate: 1992/1993

Publisher: © Origin Systems Inc.

The music was composed, orchestrated and conducted by Dana Glover and Nenad Vugrinec.

Quality: High quality 5 OGG (nominal rate 160)

The Origin Audio CD Volume 2 or Origin Soundtrack Series is an extreme hard to get soundtrack of the Origin games Ultima 7 and Strike Commander from  1992. The CD contains the most important songs from the games played on a Roland LAPC-1/MT32. The only chance of buying this CD is Ebay. The soundtrack was sold direct via Origin and Electronic Arts. A piece of videogamesmusic.


Downloadlist for GETRIGHT.

OGGdecoder for Windows. Decoderfilelist. Simply put these two files in the directory containing the music and start the batch file to convert the ogg-files to burnable wave-files.


Only the front cover is delivered in my version. All others have beend added.


Inlay 1: