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May I welcome you to the Rabbit´s Lair. Here I present you the soundtracks of the Ultima Series from Lord British and Origin. I have uploaded my collection of the music from various Ultima games and also the Origin Audio CD Volumes. Check the "What´s New?" Site for recent updates.

What´s here

Since there aren´t any soundtracks CD´s available for puchase from the Ultima games I have decided to produce my own soundtracks. My aim is to provide the ability to listen to Ultima music in its originally intended sound.

This is not done for profit or fame, but for love of music. This site is privately maintained and is not affiliated in any way with Origin Systems. It is for Fans by Fans. This site is not a pirate organization. I am not trying to steal sales from any company. Therefor I provide links to soundtracks still available to place(s) where you can purchase it. The Origin Audio CD´s are no longer available for purchase from Origin or Electronic Arts. To the best of my knowledge, these titles have been discontinued by their publisher. If there is any other knowledge contact me with the email address listed on this site.

But back to topic. Origin never released a complete soundtrack from any Ultima game. Allright I hear you crying out "But there is the soundtrack from Ultima 9", but admit it to yourself: It contains only one third of the musical score form the game and the best ones are missing. On the Origin Soundtrack from 1991 is one medley from Ultima VI and on the Origin Audio Soundtrack Series from 1992 is a collection of some music from Ultima VII. So far that has been all. On the web you can find some music in various quality. What I did was collecting, recording and converting all music from the Ultima series. And here you can find them.

If I did take any music from other homepages and authors it is stated on the homepage.

The music has been ripped from the game's data files. Then played on the best musical output device available and recorded to wave files. Followed up by remixing and enhancing. Finished with the convertion for internet standards.

Most old audio formats are not playable on modern sound devices in the way they should sound. All the music was played on the sound standards of its original release. Midi files from the Roland MT-32 can only hardly be emulated, so providing the midi-files would not achieve much without the correct SYSEX (preloaded sounds/instruments) provided by the game engine.


Why Vorbis OGG ?

Original qoute from www.vorbis.com :

"Ogg Vorbis is a new audio compression format. It is roughly comparable to other formats used to store and play digital music, such as MP3, VQF, AAC, and other digital audio formats. It is different from these other formats because it is completely free, open, and unpatented....Vorbis provides a high-quality format for you to listen to your music....For a given file size, Vorbis sounds better than MP3. You can keep your music collection at about the same quality level, but it'll take up less space." I prefer ogg-files to mp3 mainly because of the bandwith-reduction and the better sound quality. It also helps to reduce the danger of seeing the soundtracks on filesharing networks (Disclaimer).

OGG-files can be played with WINAMP or any other modern player.

The soundtracks can be burned as Audio CD "as they are" (OGG-format) with Nero Burning Suite. For those of you without such professional burning tool I have provided an "OGG to WAVE"-converter for each soundtrack. This little tool changes the OGG-files to the WAVE-files, which every CD burning software should be able to handle. If you encounter any strange noises on your Audio CD, please use my converter, because some soundtracks were recorded with am sample rate of 48 khz incompatible with few burning suites.


About this site

This website is designed for a minimum screen resolution of 1024 X 768 pixels. This site uses no javascript or flashmovies. It uses stylesheets for most browsercompability and I-Frames for its navigation. It is optimized for Internet Explorer and Firefox browser. The subdomain "Ultima" @ Rabbit´s Lair opened on 14.12.2005. You can reach it unter www.ultima.rabbitslair.de  It is part of the Rabbit´s Lair under the url www.rabbitslair.de (German language only).

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Author of this website is  Christian "Raging Rabbit" K. If you encounter any "Raging Rabbit"s on the battlefields of Battlefield 2 or any online game ....it might be me. Do not hesitate to send me some greetings. Please keep in mind, that the "lair of the rabbit" is my freetimeproject and therefor I bid your forgiveness for any errors you might encouter. Furthermore the English language is not my mothertongue....any spelling or writing mistakes are fully wanted and absolute allright

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All Ultima related material, character names and other stuff (c) by Origin Systems and I do not claim ownership this material. Since Origin have yet not seemed to mind distribution of MIDI files from old Ultima games, it is common opinion that they also would not mind someone rendering those MIDI's into MP3/OGG's. To the best of my knowledge, these titles have been discontinued by their publisher(s). If there are any legal reasons for Origin Systems and/or Electronic Arts and/or the writers of the musical score to protect their rights on the music and therefor do not wish to publish it,  please give me the chance to remove the files from my homepage. Please use the email address above to contact me.

As a visitor of my homepage you may not change any music-files on and of this site without my permission. I spend a lot time on this site and its music and I do not want it to be misused. You may not distribute it in any form. Therefor you MAY NOT:

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